B. SOAPURE- Handmade Skincare in Harmony with Nature- BSoapure will donate a percentage of sales to Breast Cancer Options
LAVERA: Organic skin 100% designed for sensitive skin, 100% pure organic plant oils, 100% organic herb and flower extracts, 100% cruelty free, 100% free from parabens and synthetic preservatives, 100% free from fragrances emulsifiers and petroleum products.Phone: 877.528.3727 Email:

suki:pure skin care- : suki is a complete line of 100% natural skin care products that integrates the best of science with traditional knowledge in uniquely effective therapeutic treatments. all of our products are made with the highest quality clean ingredients, harvested and processed to sustain their dynamic, living elements, ensuring the highest potency and optimum results. toll free: 888.858.suki (7854)- tel: 413.584.7854    

COSMETICS WITHOUT SYNTHETICS- Natural makeup products including lipstick, mascara, and foundation in addition to natural skincare products including cleansers, moisturizers, and antiwrinkle products!
We have a good selection of hair and bodycare items, and even carry safe household cleaners! Our criteria for stocking natural  products from different manufacturers is the following: No animal testing, No ingredients of mammal origin (non-living), No artificial preservatives, parabens), No artificial colorings (FD&C), No synthetic chemicals, No mineral oil, No pesticide or herbicide
, residues, No solvents. 888.586.9719 /local phone: 928.772.0119-


 We offer a comprehensive selection of mastectomy bras, mastectomy prosthesis, mastectomy swimsuits, mastectomy exercise wear, pajamas for night sweats, natural skin care, non-mastectomy bras, full figure bras as well as scarves and turbans. Our manufacturers include Amoena, Jodee, American Breast Care, Airway, Trulife, Nearly Me and others.