SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019- 8am-4pm -SUNY New Paltz Lecture Center
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                    - Ronald Stram, MD
Use of Medical Marijuana in Cancer Treatment & Care
                   - Sang Choi, R.Ph
KEYNOTE: Report Back From San Antonio- New Developments in Treating Breast Cancer
                    -Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS
Stress Reduction: Visualization & The Benefits of Mindfulness
                     - Ajamu Ayinde, MA, ACH, MBCN
                    -Panel: Hope Nemiroff; Beverly Canin
                     -Tom Francescott, ND
Sponsors: Etain Health, Genomic Health, Orange Regional Hospital, Healthquest Hospitals, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, American Printing & Office Supplies, Ameribag 
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9:15AM   Opening Plenary:The Importance of Treating The Whole Person
Panelists: Barry Boyd, MD, MS- Boyd Center for Integrative Health, Director of Integrative Medicine at Yale School of Medicine
Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS- Chief of Breast Surgery & Surgical Oncology, and Director of Breast Cancer Services, Montefiore Hospital
Ronald Stram, MD - Director of the Stram Integrative Medicine Conference
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10:45 Workshops

Breast Cancer: Advances and Promising Research - Speaker: Sheldon Feldman, MD

The Use of Medical Marijuana in Cancer Treatment & Care - Speaker: Ron Stram, MD

1:15 Workshops

Strategic Planning for Risk Reduction: How to Reduce the Risk of Cancer & Its Underlying Causes - Speaker: Barry Boyd, MD

Visualization to Relieve Stress - Speaker: Ajamu Ayinde, MA, ACH

2:30 Workshops

The Environment and Breast Cancer -Speaker: Janet Gray, PhD

Interactions: Cancer Drugs, Supplements & Food -Speaker: Scott Berliner, RPH Jessica Berliner, MS

Using Available Resources for Preventing & Managing Cancer & other degenerative diseases- Speaker: Michael Schachter, MD

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Sunday, April 17, 2016 SUNY New Paltz 8:30am-4pm


9:15AM OPENING PLENARY– Controversies and New Developments in Breast Cancer: Screening Mammograms; Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS); Genetic Testing; Clinical Trials & More.

Panel: Marc Rappaport, DO; Elizabeth Tapen, MD; Theodora Budnik, MD, FACS

Genomics in breast cancer     What's New

Clinical Trials     Screening Mammo      Genetic Testing

10:45AM WORKSHOPS choose one
The Elephant in the Room: Treatment Side Effects -Fertility, premature menopause and sexual dysfunction
- Corinne Menn, DO

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, women face unique female health issues that are often overlooked and not well addressed. These concerns include: menstrual dysfunction, premature menopause, sexual dysfunction, body image and infertility. The workshop will explore these concerns and explain approaches for treatment.

New Developments in Integrative Cancer therapies including Cancer stem cells and Salvestrols’ anti-cancer effects- Michael Schachter, MD

Dr. Schachter will discuss the nature of cancer and how the prevailing view of most oncologists may NOT be correct. He will discuss cancer as a mitochondrial-metabolic disease rather than a somatic-mutation nuclear disease; cancer stem cells and their resistance to chemotherapy and radiation. Relatively non-toxic approaches may be used to help cancer patients in ways other than conventional treatments. Among the strategies discussed will be: salvestrols, vitamins D and K2 (MK4), IV C drips, IV alpha lipoic acid drips and oral low dose naltrexone.

11:45AM Visualization: The Benefits of Mindfulness. Learn how to ease stress and anxiety- Ajamu Ayinde, MA, ACH, MBCN

LUNCH/ VISIT VENDORS- Metastatic Luncheon & Young Survivors Luncheon

1:15PM WORKSHOPS choose one
Cancer Risk Reduction Lifestyle-
Heidi Puc, MD- Integrative Oncologist.

For most cancers, there are both modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors for the occurrence of disease. In this presentation, known risk factors for breast cancer will be reviewed, and lifestyle suggestions for nutrition, physical activity, herbals and pharmaceuticals, stress management, sleep, social connection, and environmental interactions will be considered which could minimize one's risk for breast cancer development.

♦ What Can We Learn from Genomic & Genetic Testing? Hannah Brooks, MD, FACS; Jonathan Clyman, PhD

Genetic and Genomic Testing Genomic testing in breast cancer management

We are entering an era of personalized medicine. This approach is aimed at preventing disease or tailoring treatment once it’s there. It’s an approach that uses genetic or genomic testing and it emphasizes the unique ways in which breast cancer manifests in the individual. Predispositions written into the genome at birth, in case of cancer, or in the tumors themselves, create unique characteristics with unique tendencies and vulnerabilities, and drive decision-making in medicine. This workshop will help participants understand the basic terminology and how testing is beginning to have an impact on the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

2:15PM WORKSHOPS choose one

Use of Medical Marijuana in Cancer Treatment & Care-NYS- Ron Stram, MD.

Marijuana has been used in herbal remedies for centuries. Scientists have identified many biologically active components in marijuana. These are called cannabinoids. The two best studied components are the chemicals delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (often referred to as THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). Other cannabinoids are being studied.

Baby Steps: Small Changes To Strengthen Your Immune System- Scott Berliner, RPh.

The basics of a journey from cancer to health. Starting with small changes can lead to big gains in health and wellness.

3:15PM Closing Plenary-Are You Getting Quality Cancer Care? How Does the Medical Establishment Define Quality? Maureen Killackey, MD, FACD, FACOG; Beverly Canin

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