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BREAST CANCER NEWS is sent out weekly to breast cancer survivors and health care professionals all over the country and overseas. The information is intended for educational purposes only, in order to help patients make informed health choices. It covers information on cutting edge treatments, complementary & alternative treatments, diet, exercise and stress reduction and clinical trials.

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2016 ARCHIVES   Click on link for article 
1.    Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission? NY Times The Opinion Pages
22.  INFLAMMATION AND CANCER- From the Breast Cancer Options 2016 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar
25. How Lifestyle Choices Impact Breast Cancer Risk (Lifestyle Factors Can Alter Gene Expression) From Breast Cancer Options Healthy Lifestyles Calendars
26.  INFORMATION WEBSITES FOR CANCER PATIENTS-From the Breast Cancer Options website- www.breastcanceroptions.org
27.  DEALING WITH THE SIDE EFFECTS OF CANCER TREATMENTS-Breast Cancer Options 2017 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar
33.  16 Steps To A Healthier Life For You And Your Family-From the Breast Cancer Options 2017 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar. Ask for a copy!

To receive specific articles in our archives e-mail us and indicate the year and article number. If you want an article and the link no longer works please contact us. We have them all in our database.    BCO News is brought to you by BREAST CANCER OPTIONS, a grassroots organization focusing on Education, Support and Health Advocacy, The information is intended for educational purposes only, in order to help you make informed health choices and may not have been touched upon by your doctors. We are not doctors and we do not recommend any particular treatments. We are sending this information to advise you of the complete scientific overview that is currently available, although we may not necessarily endorse it.  UA-37770514-1http://www.breastcanceroptions.org/