Retreat for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY
September 30 - October 4, 2024
The Retreat for women with metastatic breast cancer has been held annually at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY since 2012. It is free to the women who attend. There are very few services and resources, besides drugs, for women with advanced breast cancer. "Pink messages" in October often DO NOT include these women. Breast Cancer Options (BCO) began holding breast cancer retreats to serve this funderserved population.  
One of few services in NYS for women who have stage 4 breast cancer. Participants are in a supportive environment where they find understanding and support. Participants enjoy guided discussions about issues specific to women with metastatic breast cancer, including dealing with difficult feelings, living with advanced breast cancer, decreasing stress. There are discussion groups, writing workshops, low-impact yoga and acupuncture sessions and talks from health professionals. We hold family night so family members can learn how to discuss their fears with the attendees. The retreat is free.
(Sponsors: Omega Institute;  Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation;  United Breast Cancer Foundation; American Endowment Fund; Donations)
Call 845/339-4673 or email 

Please see handouts from programs for the retreat

Grieving Fallen Sisters by Christie Schubert

Last week was a horrible week. Two sisters I care for passed, another entered hospice. Today, she is gone. It is the worst club I never willingly joined.

Beautiful lives too young. It’s infuriating. It’s heartbreaking. It’s never fair.

It’s a lie we all tell ourselves that we will be ready when it’s our time. We’re not ready. Some of us far less ready than others. Some with vastly more unfinished business than others. Loose ends not tied, experiences not had, desires unfulfilled, even with extra time some can never be fulfilled because of the new twisted trajectory we have unwillingly taken. Sometimes simple ones just go unmet due to time and circumstance- eat tacos one last time, say goodbye to that park with the incredible view, dance and laugh with favorite people once more, have mind blowing sex for the last time (and give my vagina the proper send off). So much is always left undone....

Is knowing you’re dying better than the alternative? Sure, you can check some things off the “bucket list,” but there are so many others that glare at you- taunting you with the knowledge you will never be able to do them. So many things left undone. Some, despite the desire to experience once more, will never be experienced again. That last time you did it, you didn’t realize was actually your last time until now.

Everything, large and small, is meaningful, depressing, deprived. Never having children, never taking that trip to Italy that was planned, never cuddling again with someone who adores you.

It’s all left unfinished and you know it. You must find a way to be ok with it. Resign yourself to it or accept it.

Again, particularly for the young, that list can be quite extensive. It requires a lot of resignation and acceptance.

I am so, so sorry there were so many things left on your lists. I am so sorry I am still here and you are not. It’s not fair. It’s not f***ing fair.

Be filled completely with love, serenity, and comfort, beautiful women. May you all find your peace. 💜
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It has truly been an honor for Breast Cancer Options to hold these events and meet the women who attend. Our thanks to Omega for their ongoing support and to all of our donors. We could not hold this event without their support. We also have two monthly metastatic breast cancer support groups online.

Here are some of the comments from the women who attended: 


My name is Brooke. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer almost 3 years ago. I was 57. At that time the Metastatic retreat was only 2 weeks away and I was so fortunate to get the last spot available. At that early stage going to the retreat formed an invaluable foundation for my continuing journey. From the beginning I knew that I was not alone and that I had much support. I have been so fortunate to avail myself of this support and resource for several more years since.

     The program is well organized and provides a wide variety of information and experience dealing with mind, body and spirit. There is a a truly healing and empowering group dynamic over our several days together. This circle is further supported by the peaceful and loving atmosphere at Omega Institute.

     This retreat is a unique and authentic experience that is fueled at its genesis by the hard work and great generosity of Breast Cancer Options. The Omega Institute and the United Breast Cancer Foundation are compassionate sponsors that allow the retreat to happen. This ripple effect continues to spread out with waves of sincere gratitude, on and on and on...Thank you!

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 I was fortunate to be part of a healing and hopeful retreat for metastatic cancer thrivers @ Omega Institute.

The location and diverse program created a peaceful and freeing environment for us to just be!

Thank you to all the leaders and their helpers for making sure we all felt listened to and loved!

Thank you United Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you Omega



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I want to say Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the Omega Institute retreat. Thank you Omega, United Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Options for making this possible.

     I was a little hesitant to attend this retreat as I really didn’t know what to expect.  It was my first retreat as a person with MBC.   I am so glad I attended because it gave me sense that my life will continue to be ok.  I learned how eat better for my body.  At first I was tired of the greens but then learned my body was asking for the greens so I eat better after attending the retreat.

It was a pleasure to be around other women who were experiencing either same feelings and emotions about our disease.  Though we’re different we had the something in common. This retreat gave me a sense of peace within myself about my Disease.  It gave me a broader look on life.  It gave me new friendships.  It taught me to continue to thrive.

     I had so much fun attending the dance class offered by Omega.  Just dancing freely felt great.

Again thank you.  Looking forward till the next time.   PatriciaTorres 

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     A highlight of the year is, for me, the Metastatic Breast Cancer retreat held at Omega Institute.  I cannot tell you how very much that retreat means as my appreciation does not adequately express all that it means.  It is a way to connect to people who are going through difficulties of their own with the disease, from which a lot can be learned and shared.

    The warm feeling of friendships formed, a deep connection that is not fund in any other situation of its type, make this one of the most valuable events for going through this experience.

I so look forward to the retreat, and cannot imagine life without it!  It means that much to me, as I know it does to others. It is with great thanks to the sponsors of the retreat, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Omega Institute and Breast Cancer Options, that they undertake making it available, and I know my gratitude for having the opportunity to participate is deep and heartfelt.  I hope that you will be able to make this retreat once again available.

 Sincerely, Kay 
(I have been to 3 of these wonderful experiences).

The retreat is facilitated by Nancy Plumer, M.S., a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a certified One Light Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor.  Nancy has led many retreats.  She was assisted by Karen Suppies, Karen Rapaport, RN and Beverly Canin, vice president of Breast Cancer Options.

The women took this opportunity  to look at the issues surrounding their breast cancer, gather information, and move beyond an intellectual understanding of the disease. Exploring feelings and fears is an essential part of the healing process and participants enjoyed guided discussions about issues specific to women with metastatic breast cancer, including dealing with difficult feelings, living with advanced breast cancer, decreasing stress.